Values and advantages

Grow up together

" The Convitto is to be together, to share, to confront, to help, through study, sport, music, and outings on the territory. "

This is the real experience of the Convitto, which involves boys and girls with different sensibilities, habits, lifestyles. Making each one comfortable, ensuring his well-being is the first step towards to healthy coexistence. So there is a need to provide assistance and teaching support to ensure the comfort and the privacy of your personal space.


" We have the world in our hands! "

Linguistic learning and deepening is a qualifying point for the Convitto Nazionale 'Paolo Diacono', which provides state-of-the-art laboratory of the students, offers Russian language teaching in the primary school, offers linguistic and cultural exchanges and school stays not only in the European Union countries but also in the rest of the world. Qualified native-speaking teachers will enhance the teaching of English even to young students of primary school.

In a reality where knowledge is knowing how to communicate, knowledge of languages ​​is the key to access to human and professional relationships.

Build values

" The Convitto is a unique opportunity of open training for a living without frontiers. "

Responsibility and dialogue skills are two inseparable human values. Encouraging these values ​​is the real aspiration of those who work for the CNPD. This means to train individuals, people capable of thinking with their own head, walking with their own legs, able to choose, to decide, to want, to build their own space in their own future.


" Here we can browse digital textbooks, research and share real-time learning content!"

The Convitto optimizes training offer and enhances the educational process, enabling students to interact effectively with modern digital and multimedia technologies.

After installing interactive multimedia whiteboards or interactive video projectors in all classrooms and work spaces, the Convitto has equipped tablet teachers, educators and students, as well as spreading the wi-fi signal across all classrooms.

The next frontier is the deployment of an e-learning platform on which the institution is already operating.

Integrative activities

" Music, theater, sports. Expressive labs. Training paths. A great choice at our disposition! "

These are just some of the integrative activities the Convitto proposes to encourage the aggregation of young people, facilitating their communication with the social context.

The Convitto supports young people in expressing their potential in the musical, cultural, sporting world and in the multiple activities of "arts" and leisure.