What is the Convitto?


The National Convitto is titled "Paolo Diacono", an illustrious historian of Cividale with noble Lomobard origins and cantor of the feats of the people. The building, erected towards to the 1200 by the nuns of Aquileia and at the time the monastery of St. Chiara, was subsequently also home to Franciscan monks.

Abolished in 1792 by Giuseppe II, It was transformed into a nursing school and subsequently adapted to military hospital during the period of the two world wars.

In 1876 the Convitto was set up with the aim of attracting young Italians from neighboring regions under the Austrian denomination to receiving an education founded on the values ​​of patriotism; In 1882 the Institute assumed the name of "Collegio-Convitto Jacopo Stellini of Cividale", a persona of the Friulian philosophical world. In 1890 the Convitto per Regio Decreto became "National" and in 1991, on the proposal of the administrator, was titled "Paolo Diacono"

After the end of World War II, during which the building became the seat of the Allied Military Commander, attached to the Institute, there was a Gymnasium, a Technical School for Commercial Goodwill and Elementary Schools, but only for the "interiors". In September 1967, the Middle Media School was established and later in 1990 the Institute became enriched with the Liceo Scientifico.

Convitto, located on the left bank of the Natisone River, is surrounded by greenery, in the heart of the historic center of the town of Cividale del Friuli and being inserted into a hilly natural environment and in an area full of historical testimonies, it offers a numerous ideas for didactic and educational insights .

With the school year 1999/2000, as a consequence of the new criteria for dimensioning of the schools, the Classical High School "Paolo Diacono" together with the [former] Institute of St. Pietro at Natisone, with Its two specific aims of study, It was annexed to the Convitto.

Thus, a humanistic pole of the State Secondary Education Institutions was formed within the Convitto institution, including the Scientific High School, the Classical High School, the Human Sciences High School and the Linguistic High School.