What is the Convitto?


It has been since 1876 that the story of the Convitto is intertwined with the events of Cividale del Friuli, a small town in the heart of Europe, full of history, traditions and culture, the place where three major European civilizations met: Latin, Slavic and German.

As the Ducal city of the Longobards, Cividale del Friuli has known the millennial shadows of the Celts, the memory of Rome, the Byzantine dreams of the Longobards, the dark stories of the Middle Ages and the clear signs of the Renaissance.

In this fascinating land stands, the Connvitto Nazionale "Paolo Diacono", an important institution deeply integrated and rooted in its city, which carries out a work of support to the complex of the territory's training offer.

The Convitto Nazionale "Paolo Diacono" is today the meeting point for students from all over the world, many of them from those Friulian families who have emigrated to all over the 5 continents.