General Services and Administration Department

Patrizia GENOVA

Mail: UDVC01000C@CNPD.IT

T. + 39 0432 731116 ext. 209


Deputy Headmaster

Prof. Vittorino Michelutti

He is responsible for:

  • multimedia and technological innovation applied to general organisation and didactic instruction;
  • international relations;
  • organisational, projectual, logistic and didactic aspects of the schools annexed;
  • the agreements between the Convitto and the foreign Institutions, as well we for the European projects and relations with South/North America, Asia and Australia. /
T. +39 0432 731116 ext. 202
Mob. +39 346 1573760


Deputy principal

Giancarlo Scoyni

He is responsible for the Boarding and and the Half-boarding school, in particular for:

  • property management of the CNPD
  • preparation programs for educators
  • all the aspects related to Boarding and Half-boarding facilities
T. +39 0432 731116 ext. 203


Deputy principal

prof. Alberta PETTOELLO