General Services and Administration Department

Patrizia GENOVA   

He is Director of General and Administrative Services of the "Paolo Diacono" National Boarding School.

Mail: UDVC01000C@CNPD.IT

T. + 39 0432 731116 ext. 209


Deputy Headmaster

Prof. Vittorino Michelutti

He is deputy collaborator, replaces the Rector / School Manager in case of absence, performs coordination tasks in the following areas:

  • organizational, planning, logistical and didactic aspects of the annexed schools
  • internal design coordination
  • multimedia and technological and didactic innovation applied to general organization and teaching
  • international relations
  • communication to the outside


He is also responsible for the agreements between the boarding school and foreign institutions, as well as referent for European projects and for relations with the areas of South / North America, Asia and Australia.


  • every day, excluding Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11 to 13 and, by appointment, from 14 to 17
  • Wednesday and Friday from 7.50 to 10.50
  • for appointments tel. to Emanuela Marzolini 0432.1489626 ( /
T. +39 0432 731116 ext. 202
Mob. +39 346 1573760


Deputy principal

Giancarlo Scoyni

He is responsible for the Boarding and and the Half-boarding school, in particular for:

  • property management of the CNPD
  • preparation programs for educators
  • all the aspects related to Boarding and Half-boarding facilities
T. +39 0432 731116 ext. 203


Deputy principal

Prof. Alberta PETTOELLO

  • Referent for the Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation
  • Coordinator of the PCTO Technical-Scientific Committee
  • Coordination of teaching support activities (psychologists service)
  • International Activities Referent (Australia) - DEP - Erasmus + Projects


Prof. Monica ADAMI

  • Contact person for the CFMUNESCO organization
  • MUN preparation and organization manager
  • Contact person for international activities