Boarding and half-boarding

Boarding school/half-boarding school

Our institution offers both a conviviality service (with boarding, accommodation and overnight accommodation) and a semiconvitality service (with full board and full-time school) in response to the different needs that today's families present.

The service of the Convitto is aimed at students enrolled in Secondary Schools of 2nd degree, either at the Liceo attached to the Institute and at the Tertiary High Schools.

The Semiconvitto's service is aimed instead at students enrolled in Primary School, Secondary School of 1st degree and students of the attached High Schools.

At the end of the curricular lessons, boarders and half boarders (students of the boarding school and half boarding school) are entrusted to the Educators, who work in close synergy with the teachers and provide fondamental support to the students. Furthermore, among them, educators and teachers, there is constant collaboration to develop the educational and didactic projects and activities provided annually by the training plan.

Boarders and half boarders are then closely followed in carrying out their daily activities (execution of didactic, sports and music, etc.) by professionals in the field of education, that follow and accompany them in the delicate path of formation, education and personal growth,ensuring at the same time a high attention to the didactic aspect.



The Convitto offers the following services linked to the convivial and semiconvival reality:

  • Cuisine and refreshment service: packing and distribution of on-site prepared food by qualified staff, according to a balanced menu by expert professionals in the nutrition sector.
  • Nursing and health care: a daily presence of a specialized nurse, supported by the regular interventions of a professional doctor for the control and treatment of major diseases.
  • Wardrobe and laundry service: washing, ironing and storage of clothes and linens for use of boarder students, as well as materials used in various departments (tablecloths for refectory rooms, bed linens and nightclubs).
  • Transportation service: The Institute has a 54-seat "Gran Turismo" coach, a 32-seat coach and two nine-seat minibuses each for daily student transport on local territory (escort to school seats, courier station Town, and vice versa, before the beginning of morning lessons and at the end of educational activities).
  • Wi-Fi service: Wi-Fi network distribution throughout the Institute (indoor and outdoor facility) and peripherals, ensuring a free Internet connection from any mobile device.
  • Information service: Through some monitors placed at certain points within the building, the most relevant information is distributed to the users and all those who work at the Institute.